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Surf & Turf

  • Beef tenderloin with a garlic shrimp crown in white wine garlic butter

Crispy Tuna 🍃

  • Seared with sesame seeds served with tempura leek
  • bok choy & portobello mushroom with wasabi glaze

Red Snapper Fillet

  • Topped with krioyo sauce over a bed of butternut squash puree and tangy sauteed greens

Gorgonzola Pasta with Garlic Spinach🍃

  • Tagliatelle pasta with gorgonzola sauce
  • baby spinach
  • bacon crumbles and a choice of grilled tenderloin
  • chicken or portobello mushroom

BBQ Spare Ribs

  • Served with coleslaw and baked potato

Picadillo 🍃

  • Spiced ground beef or poultry with raisins & olives in mojo sauce and served with fried plantains & avocado

Island Shrimp & Grits

  • Jumbo shrimp with Creole sauce over creamy polenta with coconut milk

Teriyaki Chicken

  • Served with sesame stir fried vegetables
  • bean sprouts and rice

Tuna Carpaccio Crostini

  • Thinly sliced tuna on flour tortilla points with arugula
  • wakame
  • cherry tomato & wasabi aioli drizzle.

Chicken or Tofu Satay 🍃

  • Marinated chicken or tofu skewers with Olav’s to-die-for peanut sauce

🍃= vegetarian/vegan option available.
Please contact us for customized menu options.


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We Bring

The fancy, without the fuss.


Our plates combine a delightful balance of picture-worthy fine dining with down home, mouth watering, belly-rubbing eats. No tweezers, foam sauces or micro-portions. Just beautifully plated food to satisfy both your eyes AND your hunger.

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To show love to this beautiful island that has welcomed us to call it home, we are committed to highlighting seasonal ingredients from the Caribbean region and using local vendors as much as possible to source our produce and supplies.

We Have

The range.


Whether you are a carnivore, pescatarian, plant-based, gluten-free (or beyond…) we are skilled at crafting delicious dishes to suit a variety of dietary preferences. Whatever you’re craving, we can provide. No appetite left behind!

We Are

Team Gezellig.


Most of all, we are Team Gezellig, the untranslatable Dutch word for that special vibe when a get-together with folks you enjoy is the perfect balance of relaxed, cozy and fun. We aim to bring not only great food to your table, but a great feeling.

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What people say about us


Bertrand De France Peters, St. Martin

“We really appreciate your private chef services, Chef Olav! You are reliable, as timing plays a huge roll for catering events and your meals are so tasty, that it keeps our mouths watering for more. We look forward to many more lovely events with you and also recommend you to the rest of St. Martin & the world.{

Keely Scott, US Virgin Islands

“Thank you Chef Olav! We had a wonderful time in St. Martin and your provisioning and ready-made snacks were a welcome addition to our trip. It allowed us to start our vacation right away.  And as always, your New Year’s Day brunch was delicious. It was such a treat!.{

John & Elisabeth Granqvist, Vancouver

“Chef Lisa provided a wonderful meal for us combining a cornucopia of a seafood bisque and a properly cooked and seasoned local fish with local dishes.  Her delightful and charming personality added much to the evening. Best wishes to you and indeed we may connect again one of these days.{

Ernest Sams, St. Maarten

“Let me start by saying that the culinary experience provided by this chef Olav Knol was exquisite. His cooking for an evening with my friends, my wife, and me created a charming atmosphere that set the stage for an unforgettable evening. Olav’s passion for food was evident in every dish served. Each course was a work of art, perfectly plated and flavorful. The use of fresh, high-quality ingredients was apparent in every bite, and the attention to detail was second to none. The standout main course: pumpkin and coconut milk mash with Faro, stir-fried veggies, and a tuna steak battered in sesame seeds accompanied by a delicious soy wasabi sauce, should be awarded a prize for excellence in taste. The perfectly steamed shrimp dumpling soup with bok choy and mushrooms in a vegetable broth out of lemon grass, ginger, onion, cilantro, and other herbs was another of his highlights. Olav’s creativity and innovation shone through in every dish. The menu was diverse, and every course was a unique experience. The chef’s ability to blend different flavors and textures unexpectedly was awe-inspiring. But what made the experience special was Olav’s personal touch to the meal. He took the time to explain each of the different courses, and it was clear that he genuinely cared about providing a memorable dining experience. Overall, I can confidently say that Olav Knol is one of the best I have had the pleasure of dining with. The culinary expertise, passion for food, and attention to detail all created an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend this chef to anyone looking for an exceptional dining experience..{

Tyrone Traylor and David Stella, United States

“We have had the pleasure of experiencing Chef Olav’s creative cooking and hospitable presentation on several occasions. The consistency of quality is impressive. Chef has even converted a non-seafood eater into a fan of Tuna Tatarte! We look forward to enjoying his culinary skills again sooner rather than later.{

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